Thursday, December 27, 2012

Acha Curry House - Gasing

I enjoy eating banana leaf rice once in a while but had a rude shock when one of the major curry houses started using fake banana leaf to serve rice on! It's just not the same. Not only the feel but the taste too!

Real banana leaf! Four types of vegetables to choose from. I chose all four. Six types of curry gravies to choose from: onion, dhal, chicken, salted fish, crab, and vegetarian. I had all six on my rice :D. Fried ikan bilis (anchovies) as well.
acha curry house, real banana leaf R0020654 copy

I ordered fried chicken as well, but forgot to take the photos. Oops :P

R0020648 copy R0020649 copy
R0020650 copy R0020651 copy

The staffs were really friendly and helpful! They also cleared our table when we finished eating. 
acha curry house R0020655 copy

RM68.70 for four pax, including drinks. All clearly itemized. You can view it large here if you wish to.
acha curry house, bill R0020659

Freshly fried fish and chicken
acha curry house, section 5, gasing R0020664 copy

Nice airy place.
R0020663 copy

No signage on the outside, but it's right at the T junction where you turn in to go to Khunthai.
acha curry house, gasing R0020665 copy

Acha Curry House
271, Jalan 5/51
Petaling Garden

Petaling Jaya

Opens from noon to about 3pm only.

012-273 5096 Mr. Ganesh
016-3515740 Mr. Sathiyan 

GPS Coordinates: 3.087187,101.6554

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