Monday, December 3, 2012

La Mian - Happy City Food Court

Happy City Food Court is just next to Carrefour Kepong and you can't miss it when you pass by. You can park inside Carrefour for free and walk over.

I have actually eaten the la mian here before but forgot what it tasted like, and for the sake of blogging, I ordered this again when I was there a few days ago!

La mian with pork and mushroom. RM5.00
la mian R0019974 copy

la mian R0019971 copy

I didn't set my expectation too high but yet I was still quite disappointed with the la mian. The noodle was just too soggy and totally lacked the firmness/ springiness I liked. 
la mian / ramen R0019978 copy

I also ordered the pig stomach soup. RM6.50 without rice.
pig stomach soup R0019982 copy

It was very different from our local version. This China version had so many things in it: peanut, chicken feet, pork, and of course pig stomach. 
pig stomach soupR0019983 copy
Anyway, I didn't like it much as all the ingredients in it seemed hard and needed a few more hours of simmering to make them nice and tender. The peanuts, while cooked, were still crunchy. The pig stomach was quite chewy too. The soup was not peppery enough for me either.

This stall is manned by this China lady.
la mian stall R0019964 copy

The menu
menu R0019963 copy

Happy City Food Court
happy city food court kepong R0019969 copy

GPS Coordinate: 3.21381,101.644933

Jalan 3/34a, Kepong Entreprenurs Park,
Kuala Lumpur

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