Friday, December 7, 2012

Croisette Cafe - Bangsar

A few of us had a lovely early Christmas dinner at this cosy little pool-side cafe in the Cascadium condo, Bangsar.

Smoked Salmon on cucumber tagliatelle with lemon and chives cream, and dill garnishing.
Smoked salmon on cucumber tagliatelle, cream lemon and chives IMG_4874 copy

smoked salmon on cucumber tagliatelle, cream lemon and chives IMG_4868 copy

Soup Prawn Bisque, and Crouton with Rouille and Emmenthal cheese
soup prawn bisque, crouton, Rouille and Emmenthal cheese IMG_4891-2 copy
The rouille was slightly spicy and the bisque was full of prawn flavor! Great combination!

Soup Prawn Bisque, Crouton, Rouille and Emmenthal cheese  IMG_4893 copy

Soup Prawn Bisque, Crouton, Rouille and Emmenthal cheese  IMG_4897 copy

Fresh Barramundi fillet in lightly curry flavoured pumpkin sauce.
barramundi fillet in pumpkin sauce IMG_4908 copy
Even though I love fish, this was actually my least favorite dish of all. While I tend to lean towards more natural flavor, this one is slightly bland for my liking. The lightly curry-flavored pumpkin sauce is rather mild too and doesn't help to bring out the taste of the fish.

barramundi fillet in pumpkin sauce  IMG_4901 copy

Lamb fillet with raspberry sauce, pan seared duck breast with mild garlic puree, and Parsley flan in the middle.
IMG_4911 copy

Medium rare pan seared duck breast with mild garlic puree. Absolutely lovely! Even non duck-lovers will like this!
IMG_4919 copy

Medium rare lamb fillet, tender and flavorful!
IMG_4917 copy

X'mas Chocolate Log Passion
X'mas chocolate log passion IMG_4923 copy

The "bark" was made from bitter sweet dark chocolate but I am not sure about the filling. But I will tell you that I can finish the whole log by myself :D. Yes, it was that great!
croisette cafe, cascadium condo, bangsar IMG_4928 copy

Passion fruit puree on the left. Couldn't make out what the other one was.
christmas chocolate log passion IMG_4935 copy

christmas chocolate log passion IMG_4938 copy

You can enjoy all the exquisitely prepared fine food above for just RM88.00 net this Christmas, starting from around December 15, 2012 till January 15, 2012.

For the most up to date info, check out Croisette Cafe's Facebook page here. This cosy little place can accommodate up to 40 pax and is frequently booked for private function/catering so it's best to call ahead to book or check for availability!

Pierre, Michelle and a few new friends having a great time!
IMG_4941 copy

croisette cafe, cascadium condo, bangsar IMG_4900 copy

wine, croisette cafe IMG_4864 copy

IMG_4853-2 copy

croisette cafe business hours IMG_4828 copy

IMG_4832 copy

IMG_4834 copy

IMG_4838-2 copy

IMG_4839 copy

IMG_4833 copy

IMG_4847 copy

Nice pool view if you sit by the windows.
IMG_4842 copy

IMG_4830 copy

If you know Bangsar Shopping Complex, then it will be a piece of cake finding Cascadium Condo. Jalan Penaga is just opposite BSC.
28-0-3 (level 3) Cascadium Condominum 
Jalan Penaga Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone+6014 6657944 , +6014 970 7430 , +6016 3304477

You can park inside but do register at the guard house first.

GPS Coordinate: 3.141137,101.666708

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