Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wing Kee Bak Kut Teh - Rawang

Ever since I tried the dry bak kut teh in Tanjong Karang I have always wanted to find similar dish in KL that is equally good, or at least close to it. I haven't found any yet!

I was told about Wing Kee in Rawang so I figured I would give it a try. Been there a couple of times but it was closed on both visit! :P

I went back there again a few days ago but lucky me, it was open!

I ordered the Dry bak kut teh, of course!
dry bak kut teh, wing kee rawang R0020185 copy

Fragrant rice (oily rice) to go with the dry bak kut teh
R0020187 copy

Soup is served in a separate pot
R0020188 copy
The soup was nice with just the right amount of herbal taste and pepper.

And of course, you can consume as much as freshly cut chilies and garlic as you want!
 R0020195 copy

Total: RM13.40 including a glass on hot Chinese tea.

It was good, but I sensed too much MSG, both in the soup and also the dry BKT. Also, I still prefer the one in Tanjong Karang with dried cuttlefish in it. The dried cuttlefish really added a very unique and irreplaceable flavor to the dish!

I was there early, at around 11:30am and they were just getting ready so I had to wait quite a bit. But there were lots of cooking activities going on and they didn't mind that I took their photos.

Tilapia fish waiting to be steamed!
tilapia fish waiting to be steamed R0020171 copy

chicken R0020174 copy

The cook adding finishing touches to the dish before serving!
sifoo at work R0020177 copy

The cook also dashed in generous amount of "hua diao jiu (花雕酒)" into the steamed fish and steamed chicken as well!
steamed tilapia R0020183 copy

steamed tilapia, rawang R0020179 copy

Some of the items on its menu
menu at wing kee bak kut teh, rawang R0020176 copy

wing kee bak kut teh, rawang R0020196 copy

No 27 & 29, Jalan BJ1,
Taman Perindustrian Belmas Johan,
48000 Rawang

Siah Shuk Wan P.J.K
012-396 8848
012-666 7966

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