Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Loh Mee - Green House Burma Road

I heard people raving about the loh mee in this place so naturally, I had to go try it myself. 

Loh Mee with extra egg and chicken feet
loh mee at old green house, burma road R0020459 copy
Pitch black sauce, didn't look very appetizing but I wouldn't mind if it was tasty. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good at all. I really couldn't find anything special. The chicken feet wasn't properly stewed and was still slightly tough.

I much prefer the one in Sunshine cafe in Tanjong Tokong, or the one I have tried in Pulau Tikus just opposite the wet market.

Didn't see the garlic sauce either. Did they already mix it in?
lor mee, old green house burma road R0020460 copy
 Overall, the loh mee was just boring for me and not up to Penang's standard. I think people go there because they couldn't find other good ones at night.

After my loh mee, I ordered a bowl of prawn mee
prawn mee, green house R0020465 copy
No kangkong, no slices of pork?

It wasn't really to my liking either. I can find better ones easily in Penang. In fact the one in Jln Ipoh, KL is better i think.
old green house restaurant prawn mee R0020461 copy

Overall, both the loh mee and prawn mee are way over-rated!

green house loh mee and pR0020455 copy

penang hawker food, loh mee and prawn mee, old green house, burma road R0020454 copy

Old Green House Restaurant (老青屋)
223 Burma Road
GPS Coordinates: 5.423869,100.321242
Business hours: 8pm to 4am (Closed on Sundays)

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