Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Curry Fish head-WK Restaurant Ulu Yam

I was in Ulu Yam at around noon time and saw this fish head curry restaurant that was already quite full. I figured it must be good so I walked in a got myself a table, probably the last two available at that time.

And I ordered fish head curry, of course!
fish head curry, WK Restaurant, Ulu Yam R0020612 copy

It wasn't really my type of fish head as I prefer the more tender type of fish such as red snapper. Grouper was used in this restaurant I believe. Beside this, I also prefer the head to be whole and not cut into pieces as in this case.

I didn't really enjoy the curry gravy either because curry powder was heavily used. I prefer the type made from freshly ground curry paste. However, for RM15, you really can't complain too much. It was still quite an enjoyable meal.

fish head curry, wk restaurant, ulu yam R0020606 copy

curry fish head, wk restaurant, ulu yam R0020609 copy

fish head curry, wk restaurant, ulu yam R0020608 copy

wk restaurant ulu yam R0020603 copy

wk restaurant, ulu yam R0020613 copy

Total: RM 16.30 including one hot Chinese tea.

In KL, I would go to this one.


Jalan Gurney.
(From Batu Caves/KL, after the bridge, make a right.)


Opens for Lunch only.

GPS coordinates: 3.425723,101.661662

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