Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tau Fu Fa - Funny Mountain

Whenever I travel up north, I always stop by Ipoh for a quick snack, and a bowl of tau fu fa, if there's still room in my stomach :D

Ultra smooth tau fu fa from Funny Mountain.
tau fu fah, tau fu fa, tau foo fa, tau foo fah, R0020220 copy

Although it's only RM0.90, the portion was really small. I could swallow this in two gulps :P. I wanted brown sugar syrup but they only had the regular syrup :(.
tau fu fah, tau fu fa, tau foo fa, tau foo fah R0020218 copy

R0020228 copy

tau fu fah, tau fu fa, tau foo fa, tau foo fah R0020227 copy

The business is always very good.
R0020224 copy
There is a short bench if you want to be seated, but no tables. You either sit on the bench and eat your tau fu fa or stand and eat :D

funny mountain tau fu fah R0020217 copy

Just 20 or 30 meters away, there is another shop, Lai Kee, which I have tried. The tau fu far was very nice too and you get a choice of the plain syrup, brown sugar syrup and palm sugar syrup. You can sit down and enjoy your tau fu far properly. Lai Kee also advertises on its banner that says no calcium sulfate (Gypsum,石膏) used in the making of its tau fu fah.

I checked everywhere at Funny Mountain but didn't see similar announcement.

GPS Coordinate: 4.594924,101.084358

A - Funny Mountain, B - Lai Kee

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