Sunday, December 9, 2012

Huang Di Noodle Palace

I have been to Huang Di Noodle Palace long time ago but didn't blog about it. Just recently, it advertised in a local magazine and the RM8.80 braised tilapia fish caught my eye.

Piping hot Claypot lo shu fun in abalone sauce, RM6.00. The lo shu fun noodle was home made and indeed very different from what I have tried elsewhere. Firmer to the bite and slightly translucent, as opposed to whitish elsewhere.
abalone sauce lo shu fun noodle in claypot R0020119 copy
The sauce was very flavorful, in fact, too flavorful and I couldn't help suspecting if high dosage of MSG was used. Lots of minced meat. Some freshly cut chili in soy sauce would go really well with this, for me :). 

Braised tilapia, RM8.80.
braised tilapia R0020122 copy
OMG...look at the amount of pork lard in the plate!!! Unfortunately, the pork lard pieces were soft and soggy and I didn't eat any of them. Okay, maybe just a couple. I found the sauce a little too bland and didn't bring out the taste and flavor of the fish. Again, I think I needed some chili and soy sauce here.

A tall glass of iced cold Umbra juice / kedondong / sha lei drink, only RM1.50.
umbra juice, kedondong, R0020105 copy

R0020113 copy

Total: RM16.30. Value for money.

I think I will be back to try other types of noodles and side dishes!

Edit: 2nd visit

Wanton noodle with char siew. RM3.80
R0022841 copy
The noodle was a little soggy, nowhere as springy as I would have liked.

The wanton wasn't good either, but at least the soup wasn't too bad - not overly "tasty" (because of MSG!!!)
R0022847 copy

I also ordered a side of shishamo. RM6.45
deep fried pregnant fish, shisamo R0022846 copy

huang di noodle palace R0020101 copy

R0020129 copy

huang di noodle palace img020 copy


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