Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Restoran San Lee - Batu Caves

This place is quite hidden and if my friends didn't bring me there, I wouldn't have known about its existence! We actually wanted to go to Pan Heong but it was packed to the brim with no seats available so my friends suggested we go to Restoran San Lee instead.

Pai Kuat Wong (King Spare Ribs)
king spare ribs, pai kuat wong R0020022 copy

Nicely marinated and flavourful pork rib, in thick, tangy and sour (but not too sour) sauce.
king spare ribs , pai kuat wong R0020019 copy

Sar hor fun. I probably liked this dish the least because I disliked how the hor fun noodle all lumped up together.
sar hor fun R0020016 copy

Fried rice with lap cheong. Full of wok hei, and loaded with generous amount of lap cheong. Really yummy!
fried rice with lap cheong R0020013 copy

Fu yu yau mak, stir fried Chinese lettuce with fermented beancurd. Not the best I have tried. Wished the chef had put in more fu yu / fermented beancurd, but the lettuce was very fresh and crunchy so it was still quite good!
fu yu yau mak, stir fried chinese lettuce with fermented beancurd R0020008 copy

The four dishes you see above and a pot of hot Chinese tea and a bucket of ice came to a total of RM37.

There is no signboard on the outside, but as soon as you walk in, you will see this.
kedai kopi san lee batu caves R0020006 copy

Many other dishes are available too, sang yu porridge, frog porridge and etc.

Edit: a different visit

Fried rice again. We were disappointed that the cook replaced lap cheong with char siew:(. It was didn't taste as good anymore :(
R0022971 copy

R0022974 copy

Deep fried Nam Yu Pork (Deep fried pork marinated with red fermented beancurd)
R0022969 copy

Kangkong belacan (stir fried water spinach with shrimp paste) . Nice...just look at the nice, crispy and fresh lard, hehe.
R0022965 copy

Restoran San Lee
7th Miles
Batu Caves
68100 Kuala Lumpur

restoran san lee batu caves

restoran san lee batu caves

Oo Yang
016-293 1175
012-219 1237

GPS coordinate : 3.233619,101.673151

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